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Work Smarter, Not Harder: The Benefits of Engineered Roof Trusses

Posted by Alexis DeRoin on Nov 12, 2018 1:37:07 PM

“How can a home be good quality if it is built so fast?” We’ve heard this one before- and we don’t shy away from answering questions like these. Many times we associate fast work with poor work. But with the way that we do things at Schuber Mitchell Homes, efficient work means higher quality. Today on the blog we’re diving into our engineered truss roof system to help you understand how we are able to get a new home roofed as quickly as we do- and as well as we do!


When framers build a roof without using an engineered truss system, it can take anywhere between 5 and 7 days to complete. By using the engineered truss system on our homes, roofs are completed in 2-3 days and they require 40% less lumber. That’s quite the jump! Here’s how we do it. For every one of our floor plans, a roofing system has been created by a group of professional engineers at LATCO Truss who take into account our home design and the weather history in the area. They crunch some numbers to ensure they build a roof that can withstand the snow loads, winds and moisture that are common here in the four-states area. The roofing plans are then built inside of a factory, away from the harmful elements of the outdoors. The completed roof system packages are delivered to our job site where they are installed in a matter of days, protecting the rest of the home’s building materials from the elements as well.

Let’s look at it this way- Have you ever ordered furniture online and had to assemble it yourself? A while back I ordered a kitchen table set and had to put together six chairs myself. The first one took about an hour and became rather frustrating after attaching several legs backward, ending up with some mysterious extra screws and somewhat of a wobbly chair. By the fifth and sixth chair, I had it down. Attach this leg here, use that screw there and voila! 15 minutes later the chair was assembled and perfectly sturdy. Our framers have assembled the engineered truss systems time and time again on our homes. Even on different floor plans, the process of building the roof remains relatively the same for each home. Just like building the same chair over and over, our trade partners have gotten very skilled at our process and are able to not only do it faster, but more importantly do it better.

Engineered roof truss systems are not quite common practice when it comes to residential building, but visit any commercial construction site and you will see the same practices being used. Because of the high traffic and longevity a commercial building is expected to withstand, city codes require professionally engineered roof trusses to be used. While city codes don’t require us to use the same technology in our homes, we choose to go the extra mile for the sake of your family’s safety.


Using professionally engineered roof trusses guarantees unmatched safety and a long-lasting roof for our homeowners. To us, the extra expense and work on the front end is worth it to provide you with a home that you can trust will keep your family safe. Have more questions about the building standards used on our homes? Give us a call at 417.626.7000 or visit us online to learn more at

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