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5 Things Every Great Builder Gets Right

Posted by Alexis DeRoin on Jun 24, 2019 2:48:14 PM

Building your own home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. Careful consideration must be given to things like your budget, lenders, timeframe, and location - not to mention floor plans, style, color schemes, and amenities. But let’s talk about the one thing that could literally make or break your home building journey – your builder! You’ve heard the horror stories about painful experiences with unreliable contractors and unexpected expenses. Finding the right builder is so important. Not just during the build, but even after you’ve moved in. So do your research, ask lots of questions, and choose wisely. In the meantime, check out the top 5 things that every great home builder gets right. 


There are so many things that factor into quality construction. Products and materials are important, yes, but even more so are the build processes and practices. It’s a common misconception that subpar products are used in an affordable, new home. However, builders that build at high volumes (often called production builders),  are able to purchase reputable products at bulk prices. This same volume purchasing approach can be applied to land and even labor. What does this cost savings mean for homebuyers? A brand-new home, built with top brand products to the latest codes and standards, at an incredible value.

At Schuber Mitchell Homes, we leverage incredible vendor partnerships to offer luxurious brands like Delta, ZIP System, Sherwin Williams, Frigidaire, TAMKO, Shaw, and many more. In addition to the high-quality materials we use, our building practices exceed what city code requires regarding structure and framing. Utilizing an engineered truss system, the ‘bones’ of each home are assembled off-site in an indoor facility where the wood is protected from the outside elements. Each home structure is designed by an engineer, so you can rest assured that the structural integrity of each home is strong and safe.  We believe so much in this system that we proudly stand behind our work with a 2 year comprehensive warranty and a 10 year structural warranty.



This is one that a lot of people don’t think about on the front end. Folks choosing to build a custom home are often guaranteed to have a stressful experience, managing the entire process on their own. Some production builders expect their sales team to convey the wants, needs, and questions of the customer to the build team. Yikes, a lot could fall through the cracks with that model. Great builders are customer centric, ensuring that the lines of communication are open throughout the build and that the customer always knows exactly what to expect throughout the process.


At Schuber Mitchell, we have an experience specialist that comes alongside you after you’ve signed an agreement to build a new home. The experience specialist locks arms with you before construction begins and really, they don’t let go until after you move-in (at which point our service team takes over). Your experience specialist is available to always answer questions, providing updates on each milestone of the build process, scheduling time to pray over your home, educating you on all of the things that go into the construction of your home, and even providing some home maintenance tips and tricks just before you move in. Experience specialists are there to ensure that the build process is not only understood, but enjoyable for you.



Some home buyers think they want a custom home until they actually start the process. Building a home can be really intimidating! From managing contractors to choosing the right countertops, down to even deciding where electrical outlets and light switches will go, all of the decisions become overwhelming, but they definitely don’t have to be. Good homebuilders make the process of building a brand-new home convenient and easy. They remove the stress and find ways to carry the burden for you.


We understand that your life can’t come to a halt because you’re building a home. We strive to make building with us simple so that you can continue to focus on what matters most to you. In fact, you don’t have to manage a thing! Due to our systematized approach to building, we have home building down to a science, which makes the whole process a breeze for you. Find the homesite you love, choose your floor plan from a variety of great layouts, sign an agreement, select your colors and interior finishes (and don’t worry, our options won’t overwhelm you), attend a pre-construction meeting, and we do the rest, filling you in with exciting news about your home along the way. It truly is that simple.



Have you ever had a buying experience that left you feeling like a number? Perhaps you signed on the dotted line for something life-changing and realized that the person that sold it to you doesn’t even know how many kids you have or what you do for a living. Great home builders make efforts to truly connect with their homebuyers. They talk with them prior to their decision to build, understanding what’s important to them, what they value, and what they envision for the future.  


From start to finish we want to know you, we want to pray for you and with you, and we want to care for your family. We are on your team throughout the build process and beyond. Our 2-year comprehensive warranty is really about you. It’s about ensuring you feel peace of mind in your new home.  We want you to understand that we appreciate the trust you have in us to build your home and we will be accessible and responsive to far more than your service requests.  It’s not uncommon for us to hear from past homeowners asking that we lift up friends in prayer or requesting that we visit family members in the hospital. We are so thankful for those opportunities to care for our homeowners and the people in our community.



This is one that’s often overlooked. But think about it- How often do you meet someone that is incredibly efficient, hitting deadlines and meeting expectations, but is completely unorganized? It doesn’t happen. Organization is absolutely a key ingredient for any successful home builder. A great way to tell if a home builder has their ducks in a row is to ask to tour job sites. Are they clean? Are materials on-site secure? Is the home on schedule? (It’s ok to ask.)


We often have over 100 homes under construction at a time. Organization is vital for our operation. We leverage technology to ensure that your home plan is built on the homesite that you chose, to order goods and materials, to manage deliveries, to schedule trade work, and to ensure that your home is on-schedule. In addition, we use a Five-phase building approach that allows us to inspect the work being done on your home daily. Phase 1 builders focus on the foundation and slab pour, phase 2 oversees the framing and roof installations, phase 3 manages the drywall, cabinets, flooring and other interior installation, the phase 4 builders are over paint and additional interior finishes, and phase 5 finishes up the build process with everything on the exterior of the home such as brick and stone, guttering, dirt work and fence installation. Due to our orderly approach, we are able meet the expectation set on agreement day.


Choosing to build a new home is a huge step and a weighty decision. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential builder lots of questions. It’s basically a job interview and you’re the boss! Make sure you’re choosing the right builder. Remember, great builders are efficient and focused on ensuring that your experience is pleasant. They care for you, your family, and the community and will deliver on promises made. They are organized and committed to offering homes at an exceptional value. You should be able to trust your builder completely and feel good about your home at the end of the day.


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