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Floor Plan Favorites

Posted by Alexis DeRoin on Oct 18, 2019 4:12:34 PM

One of the most exciting parts of building a new home is sorting through potential floorplans and finding the perfect fit for you and your family. Not all floorplans are created equally, and each of our plans serve a different need. You’ll want to be choosy when deciding on the environment that you’ll be living and raising your family in- and that’s ok!

We have 3 main “foot prints” which means that each layout can have multiple square footage options, while maintaining the same great benefits that these floorplans have to offer. Learn more about each of these footprints, and even take a virtual tour of the plans to get a clear picture of your favorite.

Kitchen Island

Meet the Kitchen Island footprint, or as you may know it, the “KI Series”. This classic kitchen layout is an open-concept plan that fosters intentional time with others. These plans have lots of natural light streaming in from the windows in the dining and living area, which makes the space feel even bigger.

The living room furniture in these floor plans tends to be gathered around the centered fireplace, which adds a cozy feel to these plans, especially during those chilly winter months. The entire family can spend time together; whether the kids are doing homework at the island, mom or dad is cooking dinner, or your favorite TV show is on in the living room.


Kitchen Peninsula

The “KP Series” or “Kitchen Peninsula” style is one of our most popular. Instead of the traditional kitchen island, this plan features a connected L-shaped counter that is open to the dining and living area. This modern take on kitchen design allows for more fluid motion around the kitchen when you’re cooking dinner or putting dishes away.

One of our homeowners’ favorite parts about this plan is the functional layout of the master closet and laundry room. This master closet is not only larger than in most of our other floorplans, it also connects directly to the laundry room! This makes the necessary evil of laundry a little easier with convenient closet access.

The open kitchen, dining and living area is ideal for family time and gatherings with friends. You won’t be excluded from conversation or miss the big game while you’re preparing food in the kitchen, and your guests can enjoy snacks and gather around the kitchen by grabbing a bar stool at the peninsula. 


Kitchen Back

The Kitchen Back footprint, or “KB Series” is one of our newest editions to the floorplan family. This plan keeps the living area as the focal point of the home, and the kitchen is toward the back of the home, hence the name! This plan is also a bit of a hybrid between the KI’s and the KP’s. The 1450KB and 1550KB both have a kitchen island, while the 2050KB has a kitchen peninsula.

For those that may want a bit more of a transition from the living room while still enjoying the popular open-concept style, the KB series might be the one for you. The way the kitchen and dining area are situated, different activities could be happening in each room, while all of your guests are still together in one open space. 



Honorable Mentions

While we do offer a variety of square footage options for each of our floorplan footprints, we have a few that don’t quite fit into a particular category. Here are just a few other our plans that our homeowners love!

1400 Wide

This plan is a 21st century take on the classic split-bedroom floorplan that we all know, and maybe even grew up in! The kitchen, living and dining area maintains our signature open-concept layout, while the extra bedrooms are on the opposite end of the home from the master. This floorplan would be perfect if you have frequent guests come over to stay, or even for those with teenagers who crave a bit of independence from mom and dad. 



This floorplan has become a fan-favorite because of the T-shaped kitchen island that serves as a built-in dining table in the kitchen. It’s a great place to share a meal or play an intense game of Monopoly! Homeowners have raved about this floorplan because of its oversized covered back patio and the privacy that each bedroom offers. The living and outdoor space in this home cultivate quality time together, but family members can also enjoy a quiet moment alone in this large floorplan. Take a look around in person at our Southwest Missouri New Home Center located at 1810 Fountain Road in Webb City!



Last, but certainly not least, is the 3000 Series. Our largest floor plan, the 3000 series, is the definition of luxury. This 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home has a large living space, bonus room, formal dining room, and a kitchen that is every home cook’s dream. We often recommend this plan to people who have an aging parent or relatives living with them. The front bedroom is secluded and has its own private bathroom, which will make your family feel right at home in their own space.



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