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How a Builder’s Buying Power Will Save You Money

Posted by Alexis DeRoin on Jul 30, 2020 3:10:28 PM

We all love saving money, and whether it’s a BOGO deal on shoes or a great holiday sale at the car lot - it feels good knowing that you got a deal. That’s why you spend so much time researching your big purchases, especially when it comes to buying a home. The home builder you choose greatly impacts the price and quality of the home you will live in for years to come. Because of this, we take buying power seriously. Our homeowners get the best value from us because we get the best value from our vendor partners.

What is buying power, anyway? Buying power is defined as the ability to purchase goods and services at a better price because of the high volume of which it is purchased. It’s a lot like how you go to wholesale stores to buy your household essentials in bulk. The more you buy, the cheaper it is because the price per unit goes down. Let’s compare a package of toilet paper. At the wholesale store, you can buy a 45-pack of toilet paper for $20, but at your grocery store you can only get a 6-pack for $6. The difference is that you spent $.45 per roll at the wholesale store, and $1 per roll at the grocery store. Buying in bulk is powerful for your budget, and at Schuber Mitchell Homes, we have applied the same principle to the way we build houses.


When you build a home with a custom builder, you pay for each individual floor tile, lighting fixture, board, nail, and screw that goes into the home. Because these types of builders create each home so different from the last, they aren’t able to repeatedly order the exact amount of materials in large quantities. Here’s how we’re different: we are what you call a systems builder. We have a variety of set home plans, materials, and finishes, allowing us to strike up deals with our vendors to get the best price. Because we use the same quality materials on every one of our homes, we are able to get a great deal on things like lumber, brick, windows, flooring; all the way down to the most intricate details of your home like appliances, plumbing fixtures and paint. We build a lot of homes, buy a lot of materials, and because of that, we are able to pass along incredible savings to you.

Buying power can benefit you in more ways than just reducing the dollar signs. Our construction schedules are consistent for each home we build because we are never held up by late deliveries or manufactures. Our vendor partners know what materials we need, when we need them and how much we need, months in advance. We require timeliness and consistency from our vendors, and they really deliver. What’s that mean for you? A home delivered on-schedule!


Not only do you get assurance when it comes to the completion of your home, but you get peace of mind in the quality of your home. We only use top brand materials that are tried and true. Our purchasing team spends hundreds of hours researching products, meeting with suppliers, and negotiating pricing so that YOU don’t have to. The result? You reap the benefits of incredible pricing on the best materials in the business. The same principle is applied with our trade partners - the expert contractors who are in the field each day building your home. They know our plans well and our process even better. They are able to move quickly, work efficiently and ultimately deliver a beautiful, finished home every time as a result of the systematic and consistent approach to construction.

Affordability luxury is something that we take great pride in providing at Schuber Mitchell Homes. We believe in being good stewards of our money, and we know that our homeowners do, too. Buying a home is not a purchase that anyone should take lightly, and that is why we pass along the value of our buying power to you.

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